Predict the price of Ethereum from the world's leading experts

By Lềm Thị Phiến | An an | 5 Jun 2020

Like other cryptocurrencies, the price of Ethereum also fluctuates incessantly. For a more objective view of the future of Ethereum, you can consult with the world's leading experts

Joseph Raczynki:

Joseph Raczynki - founder of and an expert in blockchain technology. He predicts that the ETH could reach a peak of US $ 1200 by the end of 2019. Besides, Ethereum has the largest developer community today and is the currency that satisfies the investment criteria of investors. big in the world.

Ian McLeod

Expert of Thomas Crown Art. He predicts ETH could reach US $ 500 by the end of 2019 and could thrive globally. He also predicts that Bitcoin will lose 50% of its market share and that this amount will move to ETH in the next 5 years. As of today, Ian McLeod is correct when Ethereum has grown to a level of stagnation over the past few weeks because it has been mined up to 90%.

Nigel Green

Expert of deVere group and CEO of Nigel Green. He predicts that the ETH will rise to US $ 2500 by the end of 2019 for three reasons: the increasing demand for digital currencies, the demand for smart contracts and the rapid growth of the digital system. cloud computing.

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