Instructions to shorten the link to make money with the OlaCity project

By Lềm Thị Phiến | An an | 9 Dec 2020


Hi, welcome back to my blog.

In this article I will guide you from A-Z how you can shorten the link to make money from OlaCity in the most detailed way. Please see all of this article of mine.

If you are new and do not know anything about OlaCity then I recommend you check my previous post.

If you do not have an OlaCity account, you can register HERE.

Instructions to shorten the link:

To shorten the link, you first need to prepare the link to shorten
(Note: shortened link is not your OlaCity referral link) shortened link must be healthy and this can be a link of a song, video, article, .....

Absolutely 👉 do not allow perverted link to shorten otherwise your account will be banned.

Once you have the link to shorten you select the item 👇99af11644b3a9b83fc5cd3a3e7d573e20d4161001182c50e0a0105fc58b3cd28.jpeg

Below is its interface (if there is Vietnamese display, do not worry because I will guide you).


Next select 👇


Then select "WITHOUT LINK"


Next in the shortened link you choose:1d12f03e8d04a59c8c37665d6507033969d65c31567a817733c3cf4eebd459aa.jpeg

1 paste the link to shorten
2 fix the link (edit the link not too different from the original link).
3 choose the domain name (choose your preference).

4 Simplify

So you have successfully shortened the link
And what do we do with it next?


You can copy this link to your friends, relatives, or post it to the groups on facebook
Every time they click on your link, you will receive a certain commission and the click-through rates in different countries will vary.

Rates of views in different countries will vary

Example: For every 1000 clicks from Australia you will receive $ 5 (depending on the region).


Well, this article I will pause here
In the next post I will share with you how to earn 1000 fastest clicks.

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Thank you

Good luck

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