99/1 or 1% Internet Rule and/or Axiom | 1-9-90, VitalyTennant.com

99/1 or 1% Internet Rule and/or Axiom | 1-9-90

By VitalyTennant.com | VitalyTennant | 31 Aug 2023

One of the unique qualities of the Internet is that it is interoperable; dynamic, and can even be recognized as fluid. The 1% rule, or 1-9-90 rule and/or axiom (sometimes 89:10:1 ratio, or the 90-9-1 principle) of reference was created more than 10 years ago, and continually holds relevance today. Let’s just call it the 1% rule during this contextual content.


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The Axiom and/or Rule Explained

The 1% rule; on the internet, in the blogosphere, a term recognized by bloggers Ben McConnell, and Jackie Huba in 2006 states that only 1 out of every 100 people on average create content on the internet, the rest of the people only consume it. As an extension, the 90-9-1 rule says that out of every 100 people on the internet, only 1 human (person / individual) creates content, 9 people engage with it, and the rest of 90 just view it, that is, consume it without any reaction, or reciprocation. Initially, the research that supported this rule was based on Google, Yahoo, YouTube, and other health communities.

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The Facebook reach of a post of a page is a live example of this rule, explaining why there is often a huge difference in its reach, as compared to the engagement, such as reactions, likes, and comments.

Further, the rule applies to individual daos, ecosystems, communities, platforms, and not the internet as a whole. This means that an individual user might be an active content creator on a blockchain, or even Quora, and might just be a viewer on Reddit. It is even applicable to metaverses, websites, chats, and apps like Uhive, Instagram, Telegram, and Snapchat, which make it so easy to create content. Including shareable social media platforms like Vero, and Pinterest.


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Environmental Social Construct

Even though users may be in the 1% rule bracket when they join the community, or an organization, for instance, a human may share their picture immediately after signing up on Discord, gradually, they shift to the 9% base, and soon, the 90% base.


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This can only be changed to an extent. An individual can create more participation by ensuring further experience for users whenever they share content, but it only goes as far as that. Ultimately, it is the online habits of the user which really make a difference when participation is exuberated.


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Collaborative Content with Coexistence

This plateau can be remedied with innovation, enthusiasm, and continuous evolution. Think of a pond, without any ripples / activity, turning into a swamp. Consecutive enhancements, updates, and upgrades are a necessity.

This rule can help blockchain users, digital (metaversal, virtual reality, extended reality, and augmented reality) users, social media users, bloggers, graphic designers, and artists out there on the internet looking to create an online presence by recognizing their presence of increase in their reach.

Even though the rule might not necessarily be accurate, it can be used to judge the reach, and engagement of content before it is published, so that people don’t have unrealistic expectations out of the content they create.

Creativity is infinite.


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Take a look at these beneficial Principles/Rules/Laws:


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