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Exploring a bit of the new things in Bananosphere (NFTs inside)

By virtugrana | VirtuGrana | 26 Jun 2021

Banano is a very special memecoin. It was one of the first cryptocurrency communities that I became very attached to. As much as it is a memecoin, it is not just another one, but the memecoin. But what makes it so special? In this article, I intend to show some of the projects within Bananosphere that are very interesting, since my last review about BAN.

What is Banano?


In short, Banano is a cryptocurrency that uses DAG technology, featuring instant and fee-free transactions. In addition to being rich in potassium, of course… We cannot fail to remember its free and fair distribution in progress, carried out through faucets, games, and contests…

How does it work?


The operation of the Banano network occurs through DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) technology using the Block Lettuce architecture (pun intended and reference to NANO’s Block Lattice). That is, unlike a blockchain, where transactions occur in a chain (one block after another), in DAG networks with this architecture, each account is its “own blockchain” and the order of validation of a transaction is not it has a lot of importance, being asynchronous.

Educating for the crypto world

Would you like to introduce a friend to the world of cryptocurrencies, but don’t know where to start explaining? seed, private key, public key, crypto exchanges, consensus algorithms, staking, defi… Too many terms and technical explanations not very friendly to beginners. But, how about starting to introduce Banano?

Over time, I opened my eyes to the world of possibilities that Banano can offer. Its friendly and fun language and interfaces are very important to captivate the audience. It may have started as a joke, and intended to be a memecoin, but I think it could have gone beyond that.

For example, Kalium is a very friendly and cool wallet to introduce yourself to. The tipping culture is something interesting, as it makes people curious to research what was received, in this case, a small dose of potassium.

It’s kind of boring to read some whitepapers out there, as they are very complex sometimes tedious. However, Banano once again shows one of its beauties. Yellowpaper is another example, too, very fun, interactive, and cool to read, even though they have some technical terms, the language used was well applied in a way that is interesting to understand and motivates the search for knowledge in the crypto world.

New projects added to Bananosphere

The Bananosphere is the Banano ecosystem, made up of various things developed by the official Banano team or the community. Generally, memecoins are more focused on building a healthy, fun, and participatory community. In this case, Banano manages to do this and very well.

Learning about NFTs


2020 may not have been one of the best years for many people, but even so, the Banano team tried to focus on bringing new things. Among them, we have cryptomonKeys!

Initially organized by Bantano and SoggyApplePie (the artist), cryptomonKeys is an NFT project on the WAX blockchain that, like Banano, is distributed free of charge to everyone. It’s pretty cool to introduce newcomers to the world of NFTs.

If you want to know more about WAX, I invite you to take a look at my article on this EOSIO protocol-based blockchain project here.

CryptomonKeys are a series of cards with a look of Banano’s monKeys, customized and with several different themes, including Memes, Movies+TV, and other fun.


MonKeys, in the world of Banano, for those who don’t know, are a visual representation of each BAN address. Get more information about monKeys here.

The cryptomonKeys team also values generous deeds, so some legendary cryptomonKeys, usually mint 1 (low mint good mint), are auctioned and a portion is sent to charity. Learn more here.

Ways to get cryptomonKeys

🌾 monKeyfarm — Holders of cryptomonKeys, especially the first 19, have chances to get the new cards revealed through a kind of draw where they can have a chance to randomly receive monKeydrops. Find out more information here.

🏠 monKeymiles— Upland game players can get a chance to receive monKeydrops, simply by visiting some properties of cryptomonKeys. Find out more information here.

👾 monKeymining— Alien Worlds game players may have a chance to receive monKeydrops as they mine or staking cryptomonKeys lands on planet Neri. The more TLM you get by mining and staked on planet Neri, the more chances you have of getting cryptomonKeys.

🎉Events, Giveaways, Contests — You can get more cryptomonKeys through events that are announced in Banano’s Discord or cryptomonKeys’ Discord.

monKeyguessing —Every card, or most of them, has a clue as to what the next card might be. You can try to guess and get the next card by getting the name right. Remember to use the correct channel for this in Discord #monkeyguessing

Being active in discord — Being a monKey active in discord, you can be tipped an NFT, responding to trivia and mini-events. Yes, that’s right, thanks to programming wizard Vyryn we have an NFT tipbot on Discord.

These are the main ways to get cryptomonKeys as of this writing. Importantly, there may be changes, alterations, or additions in the ways to get more of these NFTs.

Feel free to join Discord at cryptomonKeys and learn more about the project, as well as interact with the crowd. Visit the cryptomonKeys website and ask all your questions about the project.

Learning about DeFi


DeFi is a hot topic in the crypto world, it has practically become a fever, where in the past there were more coins based on stakes and masternodes. Currently, more tokens are released for EVMs such as Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, among other projects.

Aiming to enter this environment, Banano thought of a way to educate people about deFi, through wrapped Banano or wBan. With this, you can convert Banano to wBan and vice versa. Also to converting wBan to another cryptocurrency if you want, or performing the staking or farming procedure.

For more information on how wBan works, check out this article.

This project was developed with the help of many monKeys who contributed whether in testing, design, or programming.

Overview of the Bananosphere in 2021:


This is an image I made to organize and add information about Bananosphere or Banano Ecosphere or Banano Ecosystem in 2021. It is important to point out that some of the projects I have posted are not developed and 100% recommended by the official Banano team.

Wallets: Kalium and Banano Vault

Explorers: Creeper and Banano Looker

Tipbots: BananoTipBot, BB-8 (❤),

NFTs: CryptomonKeys

DeFi: wBan

Privacy: Banano Camo

Media: Daily Peel — I highly recommend it if you want to have an overview of various articles, community-developed, and events taking place in the jungle.


BananoJobs, BoomPow, MonkeyTalks, BananoMiner.
Black Monkey, Volcano Drawing, Contests, and Events.

It is important to note that more news may appear and this image may become outdated over time, but you can get a sense of the Banano ecosystem.

Did you like it? Did you already know the latest new Banano projects: cryptomonKeys and wBan? Did you see any surprises during your reading? This article is also available on other platforms (wink ;)


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Well, that’s it. Thanks for reading this far, good luck with the giveaways, and see you in the next article. Follow me on social media for more cool articles.

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#Blockchain and #Crypto Enthusiast, promoter. Investor. Not a financial advisor of any form. If interested PM or add on Discord: VirtuGrana#3892

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