In shadows draped with weary sighs, Where twilight's veil in darkness lies,

A weariness besets my soul, Like heavy chains that take their toll.

I tread through realms of restless dreams, Where sleep's embrace escapes my seams,

Fatigue, a phantom's haunting plight, Engulfing me in ceaseless night.

My limbs grow weak, my spirit wanes, As weariness consumes my veins,

The burdens of the day amassed, Now lay upon my shoulders vast.

Each step I take feels like a chore, As weariness seeps to my core,

The weight of time upon my chest, An anchor, stealing every breath.

With heavy eyes and foggy mind, I stumble on, my strength confined,

The world around, a blurry haze, As weariness paints monochrome days.

But through this tired, dimming sight, A glimmer, faint, like candlelight,

A reminder that rest awaits, When weariness abates.

For in the darkest hours of night, When weariness seems infinite,

A slumber deep will soon bestow, A respite from this endless woe.

So I endure, though tired I be, Knowing sleep will set me free,

And as the night gives way to morn, Renewed, I'll rise, no longer worn.

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The Virtual Idealist
The Virtual Idealist

Hi, this is The Pursuit, its meant to be a fun entry point into the crypto world for me. I will be writing Poetry, Short Stories, NFT/Gaming articles, and more. I invite you all to come along with me for the ride and i thank you for the support .

LazyArt's Poetry
LazyArt's Poetry

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