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Oh donuts, so round and so sweet,

A treat for the taste buds, a culinary feat.

With flavors that range from sugar to spice,

They're a food that's hard to resist and not nice.


From jelly-filled to powdered with delight,

They're the perfect snack, day or night.

With a crisp and golden exterior,

And a soft and fluffy interior.


They're the king of all breakfast treats,

A pastry that's impossible to beat.

A companion for coffee, a friend for tea,

A flavor that's always there for you and me.


And when we take a bite,

so warm and so grand,

Our taste buds explode,

with flavor so bland.


So here's to the donut,

a tasty delight,

A food that brings us joy,

both day and night!


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The Virtual Idealist
The Virtual Idealist

Hi, this is The Pursuit, its meant to be a fun entry point into the crypto world for me. I will be writing Poetry, Short Stories, NFT/Gaming articles, and more. I invite you all to come along with me for the ride and i thank you for the support .

LazyArt's Poetry
LazyArt's Poetry

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