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The future of blockchain & AI (opinion)

By VillainousCrypto | VillainousCrypto | 13 Aug 2020

The future of block chain and artificial intelligence is straight out of a sci fi movie. 
A.I. currently is revolutionizing the data storage Industry. It can analyze trending data and generate insights and generate a valued decision making protocol. 
We have reached the stage where we can trust our money via intellectual bots to buy and sell crypto based on trends. They compute faster then we can visualize on charts & make a buy/ sell call as we often see cryptos all drop in price immediately at the same time.

Integration of artificial intelligence and block chain technologies heighten machine learning and seem to be a scary combination that we will see more of in the future. 

It’s my opinion in the short term they will keep dominating the industry in gains but in the long term once the masses are buying and selling crypto on exchanges it won’t matter much.

I look forward to see what the future holds for blockchain & ai.

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What  value do you see with A.I. In the Crypto space?

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