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Why I believe ethereum classic is the future...

By vikingzs | vikingsz | 4 Aug 2023

Ethereum classics market has been fondly respected by its users and people who invests in the projects like ethereum the reason for its success is actually pretty reasonable, as many believe the core component of the blockchain makes it valuable and secure. 

Its userbase is the best along with its fast and secure blockchain makes it the best in the market now.


Ethereum Classic


Why I think this coin will plummet in the next bull market


It adheres to the blockchain immutability idea. It has lately attracted the support of a few prominent players. OLD IS GOLD…


Reasons why eth blockchain was forked.


It was forked as a result of DOA attack; it was split into ethereum and ethereum classic.


Final thoughts


The reason why everyone should look into it is that the presence of its huge online community, in twitter ,reddits and across various other forums.

In the past bullrun etc price surged to its highest ATH @ $167.09


highest ATH price etc source:

I truly believe that investing today could bring in a fortune if done wisely; I hope everyone likes it :)

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