Kitten Concentration - 2007 portraits

Raising kittens has been one of the highlights of my life. They are so much fun (and so much trouble.)
Here are a couple of pictures of a kitten we raised - I think this was Ajax.




In the background, my Celtic "lap harp" (it definitely didn't fit on my lap!) lies on its spine to avoid falling on any of the little guys.

I find kittens to be one of the most difficult subjects to capture well. They have all the caveats of cats (i.e. they don't really like their pictures taken) plus all the rambunctiousness of toddlers. Here, Ajax has found a toy that I had bought for him (one of the few bought toys that really appealed to them - normally they preferred stealing toys off my baby instead.)



All of today's pictures were taken by myself in 2007.

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