Stock Trailers - Creating fake movie trailers from stock footage

By PierreL | My Work | 5 Feb 2020

If you've been following my posts, you probably know by now that I'm a videographer.

A few months ago, on a dull and cloudy autumn day, I got the urge of editing something. Unfortunately, I didn't have any footage to use at the moment, so I turned to stock footage (here's my article about my favorite websites to get great stock footage for free).

Looking at all these videos got me wondering: what if I could tell a story using only stock footage? What if I could convey a message and give a specific meaning to short clips that have basically nothing to do with each other and were filmed by completely different people in completely different places?

That's how Stock Trailers started.

All I needed to do was think a good story, look for images and sounds that fit what I had in mind and edit the whole thing to make the audience want to watch more.

I started with a fake documentary, inspired by trailers such as Oceans, Our Planet and other BBC and Netflix nature docs: Water.



Then Halloween came, and I figured I would try to work on a horror movie style trailer. Enter The Curse of Emily Browne. It was definitely harder to find footage and link everything together for this than it was for Water, but sound effects helped a lot.




So there you have it, stock trailers are the best movies you'll never get to watch. It's trailers of fake movies, shows and documentaries made entirely of copyright free stock footage, sound effects and musics and using all the classic clichés of real trailers. I still have a lot of ideas in mind, I just need time to work on them and release new trailers.


Thanks for reading!

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