Keeping busy and spreading smiles during the quarantine

By PierreL | My Work | 3 Apr 2020

Hi everyone!

It's been a little while since I wrote something here... First of all, I hope everyone is doing fine and staying safe!

I live in France and we've been quarantined here for 20 days now, forced to stay at home in order to save lives (easiest job ever). I have amongst my friends many doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, and they suffer way more than I do in these difficult times. I love and appreciate all of them for their continuous and everlasting hard work.

While quarantined, I decided to do something, anything, to try and spread some joy around me and around the world. As a videographer, my mind obviously went straight to filmmaking and, being confined with my mother, I hired her to act in my videos. I immediately thought it could be fun to do some green screen magic, to allow us to travel even though we're stuck inside. My mother being fresh out of green screens, I found a small blue blanket that I deemed good enough to work with. You gotta be creative, resourceful and work with what you have. Throw in some stock footage in the background and a little bit of sound design and you've got yourself a completely different environment in your living room!

Without further ado, here's a sample of these videos. I upload a new one 2 to 3 times a week, to try to keep people entertained, even if just for a few seconds.





We're having fun filming these, and people are having fun watching these, and that's the most important. It's important to smile. It's important to laugh.


Stay safe everyone, I'll share more of these here if you enjoy them.

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My Work
My Work

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