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Orgone Accumulator

Orgone Accumulator - Century Old Technology Will Blow Your Mind!

By DRB9490 | Vibration101 | 31 Jul 2021

You've probably never heard of orgone, orgone energy, or an orgone accumulator right? That's exactly the way the government likes it! Very few know about a brilliant scientist from the 1930's who potentially found a cure for cancer, discovered a life energy that is composed in everything and everyone, or that the government came in and shut everything down.....then they threw him in jail!

It sounds like the start of a Netflix series, but this isn't fiction. This information is critical to your future health, wealth, and wellbeing. Strap yourself in, because what you're about to read is life changing!

What Is Orgone - The Energy Of Everything

Orgone is basically the scientific term for the energy of everything. Orgone has also been known as many different names over time. Chi, Mana, Life energy, "The Force", the power that controls everything in the universe. Orgone is living energy that is massless, and everywhere, in everything.

In the 1930's a German scientist named Wilhelm Reich was the first to bring up the term. Dr. Reich graduated from the University of Vienna with a doctorate in Medicine. While he was in school he was taught by Sigmund Freud, and later went on to work at his psychoanalytical clinic.

Dr. Reich found Orgone energy while researching airborne microorganisms. A particle of radiation was found during the research and named "Orgone". This orgone radiation gives off a similar energy as the rays we receive from the sun. Shortly after learning of this, the developed orgone was tested and placed near live cancer cells, and the result was astonishing. The cancer cells died!!!

Orgone Energy

What Does Orgone Do - The Need For An Orgone Accumulator!

By determining that orgone energy was able to kill cancer cells, Dr. Reich concluded that the orgone could be useful in fighting other diseases or sicknesses. Because of the time Dr. Reich spent with Freud, he applied his psychology knowledge with what he learned about Orgone. He determined that traumatic experiences in our lives can cause blockages of the energy inside us and become stale and old. In 1951, Reich referred to this old, stagnant energy as deadly orgone radiation (DOR).

When there is a blockage and the deadly energy has no where to go, it stores in the tissue of the body. When this happens you feel tense, full of stress, and on high alert. Reich termed this as "armoring", and DOR as the leading contributor to our physical degeneration. This makes sense because when I'm not feeling 100% or in my highest vibration, it's usually because I'm keeping something inside. I hold things in, keep it pent up and it kills you inside until that energy is finally released.

Reich believed these blockages also have effects on our mental and emotional health. Think of it like a river in winter. The river doesn't freeze because the water is moving. If the water can't move, then it freezes. Dr. Reich found a way to remove those blockages and allow new orgone energy to come in and flow. The new orgone energy revitalizes the body and mind, and begins the healing process without obstruction.

Reich began work on what he called "orgone accumulators". These Orgone Accumulators would collect nearby energy from nature and it's surroundings. This enabled Dr. Reich to further study the energy for it's possible advances in medicine and overall health and wellbeing.

The Orgone Accumulator - Things Have Changed Dramatically!

Orgone Accumulator

The original Orgone Accumulator was phonebooth size (What's a phonebooth?!?!? jk!), and built out of wood. Inside the wooden box was a lining that alternated in layers of organic materials, and metallic materials. The organic materials drew in the orgone, the metallic materials directed it toward the body. The patient would sit inside the box and absorb the orgone energy through their breathing and contact through the skin. This probably wouldn't work well for those with claustrophobia!

After sitting in the Orgone Accumulator, the patient would experience feelings of 'lightness' and 'rejuvenation'. Sessions in the orgone accumulator would treat acute and chronic illnesses, as well as reinvigorate and revitalize the mind!

What Happened To Wilhelm Reich?

Shortly after discovering Orgone and the tremendous benefits it offered in health, regeneration, and wellness, the government stepped in. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration came in and placed an order against Dr. Reich and all Orgone associated equipment and technologies.

A judge later ruled Dr. Reich to jail, but not only that....all information or research concerning orgone was to be banned or destroyed. Unfortunately despite his tremendous knowledge, Dr. Reich spent the rest of his days in jail.

If the blockages inside you were cleared, and orgone were able to flow freely.....what use are prescriptions? No need for Nyquil. Tylenol is no more! Your body is able to effectively heal itself again and remove the DOR (Deadly Orgone Radiation) built up inside your body.

Even Better Than An Orgone Accumulator

Dr. Reich and his work stalled after his passing, taken on by his students at the clinic and even later by some researchers in Germany. Founded In 1982 the Institute For Orgonomic Science continues publishing works dedicated to Dr. Reich's research.

The only way to truly clear those blockages and remove that negative energy is to be holding or near an orgone device. I wrote about the Orgone Pendant, I purchased here, and then bought another a week later for my friend. The necklace aspect is perfect because I can constantly be 'holding' it! Since wearing it, I've felt like I'm walking on a cloud. I would NEVER even bring it up to my friend, let alone buy one for her unless I was absolutely certain about something 'out there' like this.

The Orgone Accumulator and Orgone energy research by Wilhelm Reich was world changing, and because of it's powerful implications it was shut down. The pharmaceutical companies, The GMO's we pump in our food, the WIFI and electrical frequencies we constantly surround ourselves to are creating DOR. 

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