Manifest And Let Go

Manifestation For Beginners - Simple And Easy!

By DRB9490 | Vibration101 | 5 Aug 2021

Have you ever asked yourself: "How did I get where I am?", or "What has caused everything to be this way in my life?". The answer is quite simple: You manifested it! I hate to come out hot and heavy like that, but isn't your fault. You've been conditioned your entire life to accept what you have. That may be a tough pill to swallow if you feel like you aren't living your dreams, but that is all going to change today. Manifestation for beginners may seem daunting, but I assure you it's easy and simple. You deserve to live the life of your dreams, and it all starts with what you think about.

What Is Manifestation?

Everything in our life is a physical representation of our thoughts and beliefs. Manifestation is just the result of the dominating thoughts we hold in our minds.  By aligning your thoughts and beliefs with what you truly desire, your reality begins to shift in accordance with those thoughts. When you focus on thoughts and feelings based on fear, scarcity, lack, doubt, or sadness, you will start to manifest the same type of experiences into your life. As like attracts like, so also do our thoughts attract people, experiences, and feelings of the same kind. 

Thought Manifestation

When we focus on what we don't want, we continue to attract more of whatever that is into our life. I explain how everything vibrates, including our thoughts. The vibration of our thoughts begin to manifest things that vibrate at the same frequency. I explain more about  raising your vibration in further detail here. Manifestation for beginners may seem daunting, but that's because you're just starting out!

Where To Start Manifestation For A Beginner

Everything leading up to this moment has been manifested in your life already. Your thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions are what create the world around you. Since we know that what we focus on is what we create in our life, take a moment and think about your current beliefs and perception. Do you view the world from a glass half empty perspective? Do you feel like there is never enough, and you're always in need? Everything is a competition and you have to fight to survive?

I've had all of those same thoughts and feelings, trust me. I was living in fear 24/7 of how I would pay my bills, would I have a roof over my head, etc. Thoughts such as these will create more scarcity, lack, and fear in your life, and will continue to perpetuate. You've been manifesting your entire life, but you just weren't aware of it until now. 

Thoughts Become Things

You are ready to begin to change just by seeking out knowledge and information on Manifestation. You're coming to the realization that: "What I'm doing isn't working, and It needs to change!". If this isn't an indication that you are about to start seeing a difference than I don't know what is! Your thoughts are starting to change because the universe brought this article before you. You're ready to begin experiencing life and taking control of your reality. Everything gets easier from here on out.

Manifestation For Beginners Is What You Make it!

Manifestation for beginners can be big or small, the universe does not care! Keep in mind, it may be easier for you to experience smaller manifestations first as you're just starting out. You'll start to build new beliefs and faith when things you desire begin to manifest. Try seeing yourself in possession of a $1 bill, or think of someone you'd like to get a phone call from. Visualize what it will be like after you've already received that which you desire. Go deep inside yourself and feel the emotion, the joy, the happiness of having already experienced your manifestation.

It may feel silly, or even difficult at first, but do your best to stay positive. The emotions you experience while you think about what you want is the key to your manifestation. Feeling and the emotion are what make the belief real in your subconscious mind. Don't get desperate or needy for your manifestation, because that is the opposite of what you wish to receive. 

Let Go And Receive Your Manifestation

When you've decided what it is you want to manifest, and you've seen your manifestation already happen in your mind the next step is....LET GO! This is the part I've always had the most trouble with. We want EVERYTHING, and we want it NOW! Have faith, and believe that whatever it is you hold in your mind has already happened to you. There's no need to feel desperate worry, or fear about it coming true because you know your manifestation is already on the way!

Imagine it this way.... You decide to go out to eat at a fancy restaurant and the waiter takes your order. The second he leaves you begin worrying about where your food is! You start getting anxious, worried that it's never going to come, and it's been less than a minute since the server left. You flag down wait staff asking about your meal, you ask your friends "Where is it???". The meal is on it's way, but maybe you slow down the process by taking up everyone's time asking questions and getting impatient. Be patient, and understand that what you desire will soon be yours!

Manifest And Let GO

This Is Your Crash Course Manifestation For Beginners

By changing your thoughts, you begin to change your life and take control. The thoughts you allow into your mind will begin attracting the people, circumstances, and events that match your new thoughts, and outlook toward life. Your mind is just like a fertile garden, and whatever you decide to plant will sprout, grow, and will have to be harvested. Are you going to choose to plant corn (success, wealth, love, happiness) and cultivate it? Keep in mind, you can just as easily grow weeds (fear, anxiety, worry, doubt, anger) by allowing those negative thoughts to enter your mind.

Manifesting the life we truly want is as easy, or difficult as we make it. Identify what's holding you back, or preventing you from reaching your goals. Think carefully and guard your mind from negative outside influences. Belief and faith in what you're working towards, and the eventual success you'll experience are what make our dreams become a reality!

What have you focused on completely, that seemed unreachable but ended up becoming a reality? Have you ever experienced seeing yourself having what you want, and then receiving it later? Tell me your thoughts and feelings about manifesting the life you want, and how you avoid negativity!

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