How to Join SafePal TKO Airdrop?

How to Join SafePal TKO Airdrop?

By Lady Crypto | Lady Crypto | 18 Mar 2021


SafePal Wallet already unveiled new airdrop to celebrate the first joined project TKO on WHO (Wallet Holder Offering) airdrop project.

Total allocation is 1,000,000 TKO + $100,000 SFP worth coins and rules are too simple.

Step 1:

Download SafePal Wallet on AppStore or Google Play. After setup creates your software wallet and keep your 12 phrase seeds on your notes and don’t lose it.


Step 2:

Press 4 quarters till show up TKO Airdrop banner and click the banner.

Step 3:

You will see “Share” screen consisting of 6 sharing options. The 6th option is only valid for Indonesian users who create an account on TokoCrypto

Step 4:

Twitter: Press the button of sharing and follow the directions to get rights 0.2 shares.

Telegram: Press the button of sharing and follow the directions to get rights 0.2 shares.

%10 Share: If anyone uses your referral code about first registration for SafePal wallet. You will earn an extra %10 share rights regarding total sharing quantity.

My referral code is MNTNZD, if you register my referral code on the app, I will be appreciated. Thanks a lot.

SFP & BNB : Very important note, If you check out that it shows 1 or 1,5 shares per menu. You need to buy BIDR(BEP2) on SafePal Swap menu to enough for buying 1 BNB and 100 SFP. Once you use the swap menu and buy 1 BNB (BEP20) and 100 SFP (BEP20)by using the swap menu, you will get 1,5 shares.


Step 5:

After doing all steps, wait till the end of March 31. You will earn some airdrops according to total contributors and dividing total allocations to your share rights.


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