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Morty Strings When Moon Limited Digital Art Rarible Ethereum (ETH) NFTs

VG Morty Strings & When Moon Limited NFTs Auction / Art Game NFT exploration

By veegee | VG | 23 Jan 2021

Auction on OpenSea of When Moon NFT as PoC of NFT game and VG Morty Strings originally designed by a crypto artist for VG.

Morty Strings VG Edition When Moon Ethereum Rarible NFTs OpenSea auction

Another three (3) day auction of this bundle after a succussful auction of a previous pair


This pair of NFTs being offered from one (1) Ethereum down over the next few days.


Morty Strings When Moon VG Edition Bundle Auction (#2) + NFT Game / Club Reward Pool


Morty Strings limited VG edition and When Moon (1/99) NFTs being offered in exploration of an NFT game / club with interestions of decentralized interactions building / creating a decentralized treasure reward pool over time for NFT holders.  This auction and NFT pair may evolve into some sort of Crypto Game Community Cross Reality Club oro therwise in any such parts of this concept.  While seeking methods of rewarding participants for shared efforts of benefits and enjoyments in and through space and time.


These two NFTs may also be bidded on individually.

Thank you for your interest and potential feedback.

Best to the auction winner and all in all of life.


~ VG ~

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