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Vexed Inc - We are in the process of building our very own Cryptocurrency called 

VexedCore - Working on the Coreblockchain.  At the moment we are in the very early stages of building our cryptocoin or it may be a Token. Depending on what we choose as the best option for our company. Vexed Inc is now a major player in the Cryptocurrency World. We are top investors and collectors in many Cryptocoins and tokens.


Our portfolio is huge and growing every day. Everything we gain will be used to build our company into a better one every day. Providing services, resources and solutions for all our readers and members. Giving others the right tools needed to start investing in the only the most profitable cryptocurrency's. 


Lots more coming from us here on PublishOx - Please follow us, Share and comment. Tell us what you think of our content. 


The Number One Crypto Token We Are Investing In At The Moment

BAT - Basic Attention Token


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I am a huge Cryptocurrency investor and collecter. We at Vexedcoin have gained huge amounts of Altcoins. That show huge growth potential. VexedCoin will also become it's own CryptoCoin very soon. For more info go to >>>


#1 Place for all things crypto. We provide you with the Resources, Solutions and so much more. You will also be able to collect many types of cryptocoins through our very best selection of online faucets. :);)

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