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2021 Mantra

By NukeAbe | Verbal Diarrhea | 22 Jun 2021

Cripplin' Communication of some misbehaviours,
We're all here wishin' the world could do us a favour,
The years gone by and we're all still lackin' papers,
Thinkin' what's going on with all of these capers, fakers;
Fake News, Fake this and fake all of that,
Bake beans, Cake thinnin', Lakes dryin' for all of that.
Still here, Still smilin' despite all of that.
Maybe I'm just like Jake & Mac, and those soldiers in Iraq,
Thinkin' this war is justified. Even though the government sellin' crack,
To young boys and daughters, Get your life in order.
Beware of the system now. It's The New World Order.
Fear no man, for Allah is in control.
They be lyin to us, so don't catch a cold.
Eat Healthily, Be Active, Stay Vigilant. That's the goal.
Keep true to the flow, The Dao,
Qigong, Of the Wu Wei.
This is the way.
Braveheart. Play your part.
That's the Trinity.
Choose wisely on your destiny.
The Top will fall, The Bottom will rise.
For that's the Yin Yang of Life.

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Nazreen Abraham Stein

Verbal Diarrhea
Verbal Diarrhea

The shit that comes out of my mouth.

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