Verbal Diarrhea
Verbal Diarrhea

Verbal Diarrhea

The shit that comes out of my mouth.

Sang Belang - A Malayan Were-Tiger Fiction

18 Feb 2024 17 minute read 0 comments NukeAbe

  Yon golden terror, barred with ebon stripes Low-crouching horror, with cruel fangs Waiting in deathly stillness for thy spring    A woman dressed in the sarong, a plaid skirt of silk, walks rapidly to the river, carrying a long bamboo and some gou...

Cicada 3301: Satoshi Nakamoto (Part 0.1)

28 May 2023 10 minute read 0 comments NukeAbe

This is a real story. Or at least as real as any story really is. Welcome to the Post-Truth World. The Age of Spin. The fine line between fiction and fact is getting finer. Please don’t believe anything on the internet. Always D.Y.O.R. This is just a...

Journal Entry: 42300

2 May 2023 2 minute read 0 comments NukeAbe

Journal Entry. 42300. It's been roughly 115 solar rotations on this Terra. The locals have come to accept my presence in their habitat but the gestures to chase me and my company away are still ongoing.  Naturally, they are suspicious of our activiti...

Jeju Island 제주도

29 Apr 2023 29 minute read 0 comments NukeAbe

A Political Sci-Fi Magic Surrealism Short Story July 2022 ***I remember it well. It was the longest second I have ever witnessed. Yet, it was truly an unremarkable scene. A couple of sublime snapshots. A significant moment was captured in the most...

2021 Mantra

22 Jun 2021 1 minute read 0 comments NukeAbe

Cripplin' Communication of some misbehaviours, We're all here wishin' the world could do us a favour, The years gone by and we're all still lackin' papers, Thinkin' what's going on with all of these capers, fakers; Fake News, Fake this and fake all o...

Space Odd-I-See

21 Jun 2021 1 minute read 0 comments NukeAbe

I am on a train of obscene absurdity. My life is real-time awareness of the wreckage; Stuck in the slow-motion collision against the unknown elements. Everything is great but everything is also terrible.   Ground control to Major Tom, The circuit is...