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By Ventusgarcia | Ventusgarcia | 8 Sep 2021


The world of blockchain and play2earn games has become a trend for their earnings in cryptocurrencies, maybe you know some titles such as Axie Infinity, Spliterlands and Rising stars, they are games that allow you to win unique tokens with a high market, but what if you could directly earn bitcoin satoshis.
Well today it is possible thanks to lightnite, a Battle Royale video game created by Satoshis Games, which is expected to be F2P and P2E under the Lighthing network, where its name comes from referring to this network and the famous Fortnite game.


Lightnite is an attractive game with a Cartoon design, which is in development and the Open Beta is expected to be on steam for the month of November, but you can enter early access for an amount of $ 20 USD.
During this early access you can earn BTC satoshis in survival mode by destroying Covid-19. In addition to obtaining nft's with a commercial value in its market place.


Maybe the game seems expensive and you want to wait for when F2P comes out on steam, but the game has a x4 event that will be in effect from September 8 to September 15 of the current year, in which they increased the earnings per game, where survival mode gave you 100 BTC satoshis per round at 1K satoshis, in addition to that if you enter with a referral link you will get a 40% discount + 3 NFT's and 3000 satoshis.


an offer worth taking advantage of in addition to the occasional tournaments where the prize is an NFT Premium and 200k satoshis are organized.
Satoshis Games is taking a big step in BTC games, because it has its own game platform called Elixir, where you will find other BTC game titles such as Satvival, a survival game in the style of Rust, Sugar sats, zombie hodler, etc. Perhaps this is the new favorite platform for many crypto lovers.
I leave you the link with which you will get a 40% discount for acquiring lightnite.



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