Weekly Round up with crypto Rays

Weekly Round up with crypto Rays

By Venkatz | Crypto_Rays | 18 Oct 2020




On October 12, 2020  Ethereum Tested a Trial run of ZINKEN   stated that it's  a "Dress Rehearsal"  for  heading  to Ethereum 2.0.   The Test Run is performing smoothly with  4269 active validators , 136000 ETH (GoETH) in Zinken Testnet.  based on ETH Developers Tweets. ETHEREUM 2.0,  Phase 0 will be in few weeks. Ethereum surged to 7% after the Zinken Trial run Results shown good.   (The Medalla Testnet is also running along with more than 75k validators with 2.35 million GoETH)  

(2.0 will play a major role in Blockchain)


OKEx  Issue

On 16th, October 2020, Okex The leading Crypto Exchange halted the witdhrawals mentioning that one of its private key holders undergone a bureaucratic investigation.  by public statement OKEx also confirmed that they are cooperating with public security bureau

$13.6m  worth BTC, $50m worth of Tron and 21k ETH transactions held in 6 hours time  Beijing Based reporter stated that the ongoing investigation is might be with money laundering issue.  The Exchange might be violated AML (Anti Money Laundering) Regulations with 800+ accounts.

But OKEx denies that.    (Hope OKEx  Will  be stain free and give a huge comeback)



Insurance Secure your LP Asset A New Approach From BANCOR

DEX  is Trending Nowdays the Liquidity Providers earn rewards by trade Fee.  But the biggest issue till now is the Liquidity Providers facing impermanent loss when anyone pair price surge and other dumps and vice versa.  the LP providers may face the impermanent loss it will lead to permanent loss too.

Bancor Come with new Idea to set right the Impermanent loss issue.  Bancor v2.1 Single sided AMM with Elastic BNT Supply  gives solution for this Liquidity Protection (Impermanent loss Insurance) In this concept you can get back your tokens in numbers without any change with Fees you earned.



Filecoin was launched in 2017 it is a decentralized storage network that serves as a incentivization layer on IPFS (inter planetary file system)  Filecoin using two types of proofing to verify secure data storage they are PoRep (Proof of Replication) and PoSt (Proof of spacetime) 

Why in recent news?

on 15th, October Filecoin launched its mainnet. following the mainnet event File coin (FIL) is listed in Binance  Coinbase custody also supporting Filecoin now. 



  • BOLOLEX added TRX / USDT Pair for Trading in Bololex. the most awaited pair. (good news to Bololex users)
  • Aquarius Coin $ARCO is directly Listed in BOLOLEX.
  • NOLE Exchange another Native Token on ERC20 Standard named NETH is also available in Bololex


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