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Nolex is one of the Fast Growing CryptoCurrency Exchange Familiar for Tron Based Tokens.  Now Nearly 34 Tokens are Trading in the Exchange with TRX Pairs. The Exchange Offers Faucet too you can claim Tokens Free at regular interval. Nolex Frequently Conduct Trading Events with huge prize pool also number winners is also huge. There is two type of Exchange is Available in NOLEX.  one is Main Exchange and another is Gaming P2P Market.       



Yes Nolex is already familiar by Nolelegends Game.  The Game story is Based on Nature.   The Players have to Purchase the Seeds from Lady Amordad (buying place for game seeds) or through the Gaming p2p Market. Then the players will grow up the tree by pouring Nole water (AMSK) also Nole legends token Then you can harvest fruits from your tree you can sold back to Lady Amordad and Earn TRX.  But The Game still not Comes for Public. (Waiting to Explore NoleLegends)



NOLE is native token of Nolex Exchange. which is created in Tron platform. The main use case of Nole is to cutdown the Trading fees in Nolex Exchange . the users can avail upto 50 % Trading Fee by using NOLE, also By holding 100+ Nole you can Earn $AMSK Nolewater as weekly dividends Total Supply of Nole is 1 Million


The Nolex Team Recently Announced about its another native Token NETH. the Team claims Nole is working on Tron platform and NETH  will works on ETH Blockchain But the Functions are same as NOLE.  The Team Announced Those who hold 100+ Nole will Receive NETH as Rewards in the Ration of 1:1


In Nolex Exchange NETH will be available as Trading Pair for ETH Based Tokens. Also If any ETH based Project Wants to list their token in Nolex they have to pay Listing fee in the form of NETH. The Nolex users who hold NETH can avail trading fee discount on Trading ETH Tokens. the team hinted NETH's Special use case  will be on Nole legends game in 2021. also hinted some surprise benefits for the Holders.

Both Tokens are limited supply that is 1 million only.  If they launch the Nole legends Game and the game hits well then the use case of NETH, NOLE integrated with Game. it will be good one for the holders. Right now the NOLE hodlers Enjoy the NETH Rewards along with AMSK Rewards.

  • Now Nole is Trading at 0.5$
  • and AMSK Trading at 000032$


Good One From Nole legends Team

Nole Team is Helping to the world those who needs help Nole Charity Campaigns helped lot  Recently raised 50000 TRX and used it for buying MASKS, other supplies for medical workers and the KsumNole made its first charity fund raise to the children of the Pada Harbaid village (Bangladesh) to get food and basic needs. (Take Part on Good things)                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Those Who are all holding 100+ Nole They are already Receiving There Dividends in the form of AMSK  now those holders are also eligible to get the NETH Reward too.                                                      

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