Farmer's  Dream   DeFiFARMer

Farmer's  Dream   DeFiFARMer

By Venkatz | Crypto_Rays | 15 Nov 2020


Farmer's  Dream

Our Mother earth is formed about 4.54 Billion years ago  Our mother is fulfilled with Nature.  Almost all the human like the nature.  In this world  we started to practice the agriculture around Neolithic age. From that era Human as invented lot of things. and sailed in almost all fields . lot of inventions lost there fame and out of use. Agriculture still in the world without Farmer we cant live. 

                A Farmer's Dream - In a village a Farmer is living with his family there routine work is farming according to the season. they didn't dreamt big.  they want to yield some good ones and  Harvest it without any troubles. they want to live a reasonable life. whenever we heard farmer the words we heard in continuous is Farm, Yield, Harvest,  This is the routine cycle of a Farmer

Dream Comes True

                From the above Farmer's Story a Farmer's Dream is now achieved with the help of Chad and Harvest Finance now fulfilling the  long thirst as the technology Updates almost every field is using blockchain Technology one of the gift is De-Fi now  what a wonderful idea  grasping high yield DeFi  protocols which are automatically  farmed in Harvest .Finance Sharing the profits to the Farmer is not a simple thing  now the farmers can get almost 30% of Profit Sharing.

                Why worrying about your asset value because of retracement you have the opportunity to farm your stable coins too. as the per the farmers convenient the land is accommodate with that. like that too

So Finally Farmers Dream is now alive.  a happy farmer now yields the Good ones and harvest with secure manner no natural disasters here. so now Farmers Turn to Gain and stands strong. 

Farming and Blockchain is Inevitable.


Start Your Tractor get ready to start Farming

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I am Venkat From India I graduated in Computers and then did Masters of computer Application also Master of Philosophy in Network Security. I interested in Learning New Things. I love the blockchain Technology I am in Crypto From 2017.


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