Crypto Weekly Roundup with Crypto Rays

By Venkatz | Crypto_Rays | 4 Oct 2020

Crypto Weekly Roundup Crypto Rays


Kucoin Update

On 26th of September a security hack happened in Kucoin with 150$ million Crypto Assets are stolen Now  on October 3rd Kucoin global  CEO  Johnny Lyu  Tweeted  about that security Incident they found the Suspect and the legal action will be taken by Law Enforcement officials.


Bitmex Money Laundering Issue

Bitmex Founded in the Year 2014 one of the leading Crypto Exchange. The co-founders of Bitmex have been charged for violating United States  anti-money-laundering rules. U.S Department of Justice  filed  criminal charges against Bitmex officials Hayes, Delo, Reed , Greg Dwyer for violating the Bank Secrecy Act.

DASH is not a privacy Coin  - Dash Team

CMO of Dash - Fernando Gutierrez,  told "Dash is a crypto currency used for payments focusing on Features such as usability, speed, cost, ease of use, and user protection by optional privacy."

Withdraw Your Funds to Your Debit Card (CoinBase)

Now coinbase users Withdraw there fiat currency to there Debit Card inthe form of USD, EUR and GBP Visa Card That supports Visa Fast Funds and Mastercard with Mastercard send are eligible for this.

Binance Supports LEND ~ AAVE Swap

At 2020/10/12 3:00 AM (UTC), Binance will halt trading on all LEND trading pairs, and the trading pairs will also subsequently be delisted from the exchange. snapshot will be taken  and all LEND balances and begin the distribution of AAVE to the eligible users in the ratio of 100 LEND = 1 AAVE.

RARI Capital Integrates AAVE

 Rari Capital an automated yield aggregator Teamed up with AAVE to optimize the Lending Yield on Stable coins.


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