Day 30 - Making My Blog's Last Post!


Hello everyone and welcome to another (and final!) post on my blog Vendata's journey of the crypto world! Just over a month ago, I ventured into the crypto world, walking into an intricately set out mine filled with complex fissures and cracks at every turn. I was hit with a wave of technology, filled with complexity inside and out, and I had very little idea of how the crypto world worked. Its DEXs, DeFis, cryptocurrencies, community, and so much more were hidden away within the mine, lying hidden to become uncovered. Over the past month and so, I have gone through many of the treasures in the crypto mine, and I believe that I have learnt enough to finish this blog of Vendata's journey of the crypto world!. I will turn over to new blogs and more experienced content, becoming a more skilled crypto person and blog writer.


The past month has been a big month for me. I have learnt so much about the crypto world, and interacted with so many people, meeting online with many unique users of the crypto community! So many things have I learnt about in the crypto world, so many things. To name them all would take a long, long time, but my knowledge would be enough to interact successfully with the general crypto community, which is great for me as a crypto starter.


I have also made a decent amount of crypto. Starting with nothing by my brain, I created many articles across different publishing platforms to begin earning some cash, which has accumulated to an impressing amount (not telling how much! ;) ). The amount I got went well beyond my first expectations, and who knows what is installed for me in the future! The only decision to make is to move forward, going with the flow of the crypto stream as it develops over the next days, months and years. 

In terms of crypto investing, I have become much, much more knowledgeable and skilled with the main features it offers. I have acquired the arguably most valuable skill of crypto investing after making many mistakes, which is patience. It took some decent losses and regrets of potential profits, but in the end, I began to realise that the best way to make a profit with crypto is to hodl, unless you are some sorcerer who can predict the future prices of cryptocurrencies, able to switch from one to the next at the right time. This can be a lesson to you as well! I have mentioned it many times, but I will mention it again: in crypto investing, remember to hodl, hodl, hodl!

Overall, I have done in my opinion great with the first month of my journey through the crypto world, and I am excited for the future that awaits!

Planning For The Future

Now that I finished my first month and hence the blog, what do I do now?


Of course, I am sticking with publishing articles. They are fun and earn a decent amount as a beginner crypto person. So you will still see me for a good time! As mentioned, I will stop the current blog of Vendata's journey of the crypto world! turning to other article subjects than daily documentation of my crypto career. Crypto news and findings do sound appealing to me, and I am thinking of making a crypto news blog where I post some important news on crypto in short posts, meaning that you can catch up with some of the big crypto events quickly and easily.

With crypto findings, I will go through some of the crypto services I find promising so you can join in the fun too. I did promise to go through Brave, Ethercards and some other crypto services in my previous posts, but was unable to do so because I did not manage to find the will and time to do so. However, with this blog finish, I can begin going through them, teaching you about crypto services to interact at a greater expanse of the crypto community!

With crypto investing, I am still sticking with the two main cryptocurrencies I chose, hodling because that is the best option at the moment, keeping my eyes out for any potential trades. I have thrown them into the Binance Flexible Savings because to earn some interest on it since they are doing nothing in my Spot wallet. This means I can earn a little extra for the current amount I have, which does not hurt to have.3662587bfe7d5268adc1bc3e82444cc4b2a4a1fbedd7d3f29909c8bb4fcb98b8.jpg

These are the main plans I have for the future, developing my crypto career into a stronger composure.


This concludes the final post of the blog Vendata's journey of the crypto world!. I hope you have not only this post entertaining and informative, but many of the other ones I have made within this blog, learning alongside myself of the many things the crypto world has to offer. It feels great to close a blog I have been working hard with over the past month and so, yet also saddening, leaving my old island to the unknown on my little trusty sailboat. What the future holds I have some idea, but cannot be certain, another whole world open to me as another month of crypto unlocks!

Making my blog's last post, I feel free to move into the next stage of my crypto career, learning even more to become a better crypto person.

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I have just started getting into crypto and want to help others in the journey as I progress. I will give my advice, thoughts and opinions relating to different concepts of the best of my ability. No content promises to be 100% true and is for education.

Vendata's journey of the crypto world
Vendata's journey of the crypto world

Here is my daily documentation of thoughts and opinions as a newbie crypto enthusiast. I have just gotten into crypto and would love support from the community to drive me forward into the crypto community. Have great expectations on it!

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