Day 26 - Admiring The Crypto Publishing Community


Hello everyone and welcome to another post on my blog Vendata's journey of the crypto world! The crypto publishing services across the crypto board are all amazing, each buzzing with its own unique community. I love these places with so many amazing people who are out there exploring the crypto world to become better crypto citizens, earning some crypto, hence money, on the way. What is my favourite feature of crypto publishing websites that dominates all over social media is its generous feature of tipping other people and content creators at no cost. That's right - you heard me - no cost! It comes straight from the website's company's pool, which is amazing! Even better, some communities even have their native token, making a more diverse crypto market and the world! This feature is amazing: I can help other people by tipping and comments at no cost, helping not only those who I tip but myself because I also get some rewards. Thus creates this post's subject: cases of generosity within the crypto publishing community!

Case 1: Receiving Tips From My Posts

This is something I am very thankful and surprised with, and I thank all who tip me (also those who read me content!), no matter how much it is (or how much is read!). When I first began blogging with crypto, I thought I would hardly get any tips, and better yet, any views. My mind sprouting dreams of the potentials of crypto earnings and the curious mine of the crypto world gaping wide before me, I thought I would give it a try. What could go wrong, plus I would get some crypto! 

Done my first post, and it was an instant success (to some extent)! My expectations were smashed. I thought I would hardly get any tips or views, but I was wrong! At the time of this post, I have over 100 views on this post, with 0.13 USD earnt, plus 4 likes, on Publish0x! Most of the views would have come within the first day of the time when I published it, so I most likely would have gotten about 100 views. This astonished me, and pushed me to write more posts, contributing to the community while earning some crypto!


Thank you all for tipping my content: it is from every one of these that combine to power me on!

Case 2: Comments On People's Content

Commenting is another great feature on all social media when used appropriately, but is no match to the comments in crypto publishing websites! Although they may be scarce in some posts, when they are made, they are almost always filled with good tidings and words of wisdom or humour. I love them! Each one originates from a unique person, each with their quirky traits, that create compelling comments for all to read, especially the content creators who I am sure to take them dearly. For me, I love when people send down comments below. I can learn new things from the content they bring while finding out more about another fellow explorer in the crypto world

For example, just looking through the comment section of one of the top bloggers Igor Tomić, most likely because he is the project announcer for Publish0x, you can find many different people leaving generous messages behind them. I have attached a sample of the comment section below, which shows how supportive the crypto publishing community is! With this comment branch, I also learnt something new, which is chiefly about the giveaways on KuCoin, a centralised exchange that has partnered with Publish0x. Perhaps even you learnt this just now from me showing it to you, and you could even try them yourself!


Case 3: Other People Giving Back To The Community 

This is another great case with the crypto publishing community. They are so supportive in many cases, and it is what makes me marvel at the community with wonder. You would expect all crypto users to be secretive, not sharing any information about themselves and acting aloof towards each other, much like a stereotypical cult of hackers. But this is not the case, in fact, quite the contrary. I find that the crypto publishing communities are filled with passion and open discussion. We are all connected from the uniform purpose of crypto that aims for a better world. It is this that unites us, people giving back to their community as a way of thanks and generosity.

Giveaways are all over the crypto publishing community. Not only are they from the users themselves who interact with the community, but they are also from the authorities who run the community. Publish0x is a great example. Every week or so there is a giveaway or competition up in Publish0x about either writing a post on a certain topic or doing something on Twitter. Each of these events has decent pools, going from hundreds to thousands in USD, which is enormous for a small crypto user like me! A competition/giveaway is running right now, which is about farming in the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) with Harvest Finance, plus some rewards with those that do certain actions on Twitter about the event. Currently, the prize pool for this event is 1000 USD, but it is mentioned that it may be higher depending on the results, which is incredible! If you have been on Publish0x, you would definitely have seen this event being tagged up at the top of each page!



This makes the end of this post! I hope you found the information fun and informative, agreeing with me on the greatness of the crypto publishing services in the crypto world. They are one of the greatest, if not, the greatest, social media out there, with many more potentials to come. Okay, it cannot outleap YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. with their dominating features, but who knows? Perhaps there will be new updates or crypto services to replace these centralised services, making a more smooth crypto world!

Admiring the greatness of the crypto publishing community, I marvel at how great it is, a formidable competitor to other social media.

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Vendata's journey of the crypto world
Vendata's journey of the crypto world

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