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Hello everyone and welcome to another article for Vendata's journey of the crypto world! NFTs have stormed into the crypto world over the past few months, becoming one of the top talks with the crypto community. As NFTs have risen, so have crypto games. These games have adopted NFTs within them, thus creating an exciting gaming experience while interacting with the crypto world! Many NFT games are now available in the crypto world, even more being created over time. I have heard many NFT games with my journey into the crypto world, and in this article, I will be looking at some of these NFT games. Most of the NFT games I name you have heard as well, but I will also provide some basic information and opinions, so they can always help! Also, you may not hear of some I mention, learning more things about the crypto world, which is always great! As a note, I have attached the home page of these NFT games to each subheading, so you can click them to find out more information and begin interacting with them!


Decentraland is a very special NFT game being the first decentralised virtual reality NFT game. It is run on the Ethereum blockchain, which is done by essentially every NFT game from what I have heard and has its native coin called Decentraland (MANA) that powers the game. Another great feature of Decentraland is the fact that it is made by the users. According to Decentraland's site, "users can create, experience, and monetize their content and applications" (Retrieved from here). This is another excellent example of the greatness of the crypto world, allowing people to unleash mystical worlds of imagination to others who roam about it inside, making even more systems inside! 


NFTs come in Decentraland in what is called LAND. LAND is a parcel of land which Decentraland users can purchase in the form of titles, tracked throughout the blockchain. Once a parcel of LAND is bought, the owner now has complete control over the 3D scenes they build inside the LAND. Please note that it is 3D, which I rarely see within NFT games, so Decentraland does seem like an excellent game, as I have stated many times before! Each parcel of LAND can be combined into estates for larger plots of land, thus enabling a more variety of creative opportunities.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is another NFT game that looks incredible. The art style is very appealing to me, and the idea of the game is great! It is a pokémon-inspired platform where users earn AXS, which is Axie Infinity, obviously their native coin, through skilled gameplay and contributing to the blockchain. Axie Infinity is yet another NFT game based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is ranked #1 within Ethereum games from daily, weekly and monthly active users, which suggests that it one of the best NFT games.


Since Axie Infinity is based on the idea of pokémon, I am going to say that NFTs can come in the form of tradable cards where people battle each other similarly to the way pokémon plays out. However, doing research, it turns out that I was incorrect in some areas. What I predicted to be tradable cards was something much more exciting, cute little pets which you can use to battle others! It is more of a "Monster Legends" game than a pokémon game but has some significant differences to make it more engaging, especially in regards to NFT usage. The art, gameplay, and idea behind Axie Infinity are amazing, and it looks like a great game to play while earning some crypto!


I have heard Splinterlands a lot throughout the crypto community, and it seems like an enjoyable game with crypto potential as well, so I thought I would mention it. Splinterlands is unique to the other NFT games mentioned above in the fact that it supports many different types of cryptocurrencies and crypto-wallets. These include HIVE, ETH, and I am going to say WAXP as well since they support WAX wallets. If you find yourself a more strategic person, Splinterlands would be appealing to you. It is a card collecting multiplayer game where you battle another player in turns. Splinterlands reminds me a lot of Hearthstone from the style and idea of the game, but I have neither played Hearthstone nor Splinterlands, so I cannot make any points between them.


Splinterlands's NFT basis comes in the form of collectable and tradable cards, which can be traded and sold on their market. Each card has a range of traits that are presented on the card, including mana cost, level and abilities, each unique with their use within a battle. I find that Splinterlands does not appear as engaging in comparison to Decentraland and Axie Infinity, most likely because this is more of a slow-paced strategical game, while the other two are fast-paced innovative games that require more action.


That ends this article for NFT games! Of course, there are tons and tons of NFT games that I have missed, but as with almost everything in the crypto world, it would take too long to go through them all! I hope you found the information helpful and entertaining, and am always open to any advice or information from you to help my journey within the crypto world. NFT games are a great feature of the crypto world, and I find that it is only the beginning for them, many more great things to come!

Exploring some options of NFT games, I gain a taste of the NFT game world, full of exciting ecosystems that have a world of opportunities open before me.

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Vendata's journey of the crypto world
Vendata's journey of the crypto world

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