By ty5 | Veganism | 4 Aug 2020

Hello good people thanks for stopping by. Veganism for me is choosing not to eat animals for many reasons. Someone says: "You're a vegan?" No, I answer. I am a human and I can eat whatever I want, I choose to not eat animals. 

Change is hard for everyone but to tell people that what they have been doing for years is wrong and will cause anybody to become defensive. So don't. Live by example and show that alternatives are out there and are delicious.

People will change only if they percieve some value. Perhaps the health benefits of a vegan diet might be more encouraging.


Change is hard but with a little effort we can make small changes. Little by little it becomes easier and easier. We all can do more for our health, Our planet's health and for the animals. ☮️

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Curious vegan with hopes for a brighter future


Veganism: an ability to eat whatever you want but choosing to eat lower on the food web because it's better for the Earth and all the beings on it.

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