Vedic Maths :- adding two multi-digits numbers

By ac05 | Vedic Maths | 3 May 2021

Well in the previous post I have covered adding two 2-digit numbers, complementary numbers, and adding list/array of numbers. Before reading this post please go check them to make this post easily understandable. Go through these links.

addition of two 2-digit numbers

fast addition of multiple small numbers

Hope you have read these posts. Now let's understand our main topic.

If I ask you to add two multi digits numbers like 3467+4587 you would probably need a calculator to solve this. Well no, our motive is to solve the calculations without a calculator. Well to add two multi digits numbers, the trick is pretty easy. So, let us be hardworking like Naruto and learn the steps to perform this addition.

  • Split the number in pair of two i.e 3467 will be 34 | 67 and 4587 will be 45 | 87.
  • Can you add two-digit numbers? Well, now that is all you have to do add two-digit numbers. But addition should be in order.
  • To simplify our addition let's name the splitter parts. 34 | 67 be (a1 | b1) and 45 | 87 be (a2 | b2).
  • Now always remember that we always add two numbers from right to left so first we would add b1 and b2 and later a1 and a2 i.e b1+b2 followed by a1+a2.
  • while adding two 2-digit numbers the max sum would be 198. And you know that there is term carry in addition. so while adding the numbers if digits exceed 2 then we will take carry. carry in this case will always be 1.
  • so now add b1 and b2 and if carry is generated, add carry to a1+a2. If again carry is generated, just place it in starting.

Might be confusing, so let us visualize the whole process.

 3467 + 4587

                       34 | 67
                     + 45 | 87
Now adding 67 + 87 will give 154. 
As we know we can only write a 2-digit number so 1 will be carried from 154 leaving 54 as a 2-digit number.

                         1 | 
                        34 | 67
                      + 45 | 87
                           | 54

nor adding 34 + 45 + 1(carried from previous terms)

                         1 | 
                        34 | 67
                      + 45 | 87
                        80 | 54

thus giving 3467 + 4587 = 8054


What if a number is 5-digit or 6-digit?

Just apply this trick. For a number like 25631 make it even by adding 0 in starting giving 025631 and split it as 02 | 56 | 31 and add to the desired number. All you have to remember is to split the number into pairs.

Let's try some questions on your own.

  • 24565 + 2367
  • 2020 + 4824
  • 956 + 1455

Check out my post on benefits of vedic maths .

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Vedic Maths

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