Vedic Maths - Quick addition of two 2-digits numbers in mind

By ac05 | Vedic Maths | 1 May 2021

Suppose you have two numbers let them be 27 and 88. To add them quickly follow these steps.

  • numbers like 21 , 31 etc to be rounded off to nearest 10 and the additional part is surplus i.e we can write 21 as (20+1).

  • numbers like 28 38 etc also to be rounded off to nearest 10 and the remaining part is deficit i.e we can write 28 as (30-2).

  • now add the 10's terms together and 1's tern together i.e in case of 27 (30-3)and 88 (90-2) it will become 120 (10's) and 5(1's).

  • now see if total 1's is surplus or deficit. If it is surplus add 1's to 10's and vice versa. In this case it is deficit so subtract it. hence 120-5=115.


    In short 27+88 can be written as (30-3)+(90-2)  == (120-5) => 115

    Try to solve these using same trick.
  • 19 + 78
  • 34 + 44
  • 55 + 67
  • 64+36
  • 88+76

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Vedic Maths
Vedic Maths

Vedic mathematics consists of various techniques that makes calculations easy and fast. Well i will be posting some of the vedic maths tricks, made by ancient Indian mathematics. If you grasp those tricks you could easily do calculation in your mind. Now you won't need calculator every time to do addition or multiplication or squaring or even square rooting a number. At the end of each post I will be adding few questions that you must do with those tricks without using calculator. Have a nice day!

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