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By Vale1 | Varto | 12 Apr 2021

Oh noo I'm losing money! Sell! Sell! Oh damn! Now it's goin to the moon and I didn't buy it!

The biggest issue I have when I make an investment is dealing with stress. I know how obvious that sounds but this is just what happens. Price fluctuates, I get stressed and I make bad descisions. And that's a problem! I loose my money! So I said to my self, you have got to find a way to keep your mind at peace! Here is what works for me, and may be it can work for you too.

When I decided to invest in Ripple, I split the capital I wanted to invest in a half. I played the first half with the strategy buy and hold and used the second half for trading.

The money I have on buy and hold are all the time invested in Ripple and I never touch them. The money I use for trading instead are almost all the time cash. I try to keep my trading capital cash as much as possible, I buy only at very low price. This way if price goes up I am happy because my money on buy and hold is earning, and when price goes down I can finally buy with my cash ready for trading and make good profit! It feels good whatever happens and my stress level is under control!


In the last days the price of cryptocurrencies is a real rollercoaster. It can definetly happen to make bad decisions. In this case, I still try to keep my trading capital cash, but I also focus on not losing money. So if it happens that I buy at low price but the price keeps going down.. I still hold. May be I will have to wait for a while, but I strongly believe that the price of criptocurrencies, if we are not talking about 'shitcoins' is going to grow in the long run. That said I don't feel worried about holding a little more, I am sure that in a few days I will get back my money with good interest! Have fun and keep calm! :)

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