I found myself asking

By Valzer | Valzer | 5 Apr 2020

Suddenly we, the people, were only concerned about our job, how to spend our time, how to recreate at list a sort of routine bycalls and apps, how to "meet" our friends, how to train ourself, how to learn more, how to do all the thing we ever wanted to but we never had time to.

So cook better, clen better, train harder, feel better.

But now, after almosta a month of "closing time", I find myself asking something else:

once we can cross that door, then what?

How do we'll react?

Would this experience change us in some ways?

How this pandemic time and this lack of sociality will influence us?

Will this really be a relief?

Do you already feel that "outlaw" feeling each and everytime (for me once every 10 days) you go to a supermarket?

Is this something that will affect us, also when we will be free to forget even just one thing, and go back to the market, or go out again "just later".

One more time, in the same day. Will we be feeling guilty as well?

Any chance that this pandemic taught ourselves to better determinate our priorities, to mark and organize our time?

I found myself asking...

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