Do cryptocurrencies trend follow our inner emotional waves?

By Valzer | Valzer | 14 May 2020


I realize that during the last two week Bitcoins course had two opposite progresses:

first week - going up, second one - going down.

This affects for sure my bets on Bitcoins trend, but I find myself wondering: is there any connection between bitcoins course and our inner emotional trend?

About two weeks ago, all Italian population, and me as well, had a sort of positive mood, expecting a little lock-down decrease, we would say, due to the reopening of some offices, activities and a little possibility to go even just for a little walk in the park (how priorities can change…).

So my mood as well was finally a little more vernal! I looked at this little change as the biggest innovation in my brand new life!

Then, we found out that even a walk in the park can turn into something exhaustive, if done five, six, seven times.

Maybe we don’t only need this, we need more as human beings.

And so cryptocurrency does.

First week going up: looking forward for that walk in the park, the whole world full to the brim of expectation.

Second week going down: it was not the right hope to feed. And we all feel just as we did before, waitig for the next dose of freedom to come, and for the next upward trend!

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