Be my quarantine

By Valzer | Valzer | 21 May 2020


Keep reading articles telling us that nothing can replace hugs, shaking hands, shoulders slap.

Keep listening to slogans such as “we will hug stronger then before”, as we need of course to touch to we?

Here we go again, our life and bitcoin flow.

it’s just a though but I felt that actually I don’t really need to touch to believe in something. Without touching (and meeting each other as well) I found out that my best friendship went further during this quarantine, my strong emotional relationship have endured and also strengthened by this distance.


Is there any connection with the brand new trust in cryptocurrency?

Is only my sensation that not touching money or currency is fine anyway, is more acceptable now, and I see around me a new and greater interest in this coin, that cannot be touched by hand.


Once again, could this increased interest be due to the fact that we all are more used to not touching? May this lack of slap and hugs have led to an increase in our mental skills or imagination?


Once we will “rejoin” back to slaps and hugs, I hope (and I’m quite sure it will not) this mental progress will not come backward, and trust in Blockchain will increase day by day even if we do not touch it by hand (despite this being a very concrete system, which would improve our lives in many ways and fields).

Let’s go back to hugs, let’s go further with trust.

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