A glimpse of hope.

By heartbeat1515 | Values | 24 Jul 2020

This year has been a very short year for me. Not much can be done.

Earlier this year, the construction of my house has to be postponed due to to the COVID-19 situation and furthermore, my budget is not enough.

I feel tired of driving 144 km every working day. I am tired but I do do not know how to express my tiredness. Writing to down seems to help me feel much better even though the tiredness is there. I felt happier when I am writing but since I have no internet connection at home and I am too busy at work, I have not been able to write in a while. 

I am lucky to have a friend to chat during this time. A friend I never met but her presence is enough to make me run away from my own situation for a while.

I do not know her very much and I am not sure about her thoughts or principals too much but she made me happy chatting with her. There is the time that we might not understand each other well because we are not from the same mother tongue and our conversation sometime need a translator and cause wrong understanding, but we still chat as usual.

I am not always there for her especially when I am busy and not having an internet connection at home. She also has connection problems at her place but it felt like she never leaves because of the time difference we have, which is 6 hours.

As we always say, "She is my past and I am her future."

If I am upvoting her every time, it is not because she is my friend but it is because her writing made her become my friend. 


She does not have to always be there for me. It is enough that I know she will be there when I need her. Who said that if we are a friend we need to be there all the time? We give space to each other but we are still a friend.

Thank you for being my friend @wakeupkitty. This article is dedicated to you. It is not as grand as it could be. I hope you like it.

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