Auto claim unlimited doge, Hora and Value tokens with no captcha and ads.

By Robert R Davis | Value tokens | 10 Oct 2019



Now members can Auto claim dogecoin, Hora token and value token simultaneously in different browsers with a single user id.

Doge and Hora can exchange in the real market.

Value tokens will be buyback @1doge/value token.

No need to solve a captcha.

No need to see ads.

No need to use your system for mining.

Everything free.

More coins to add in the near future.

Join today and gain multiple coins/tokens with simple auto claim button.

Thank you.

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Value tokens
Value tokens

By this blog, My aim is to introduce new crypto tokens and coins. Nowadays we see so many new crypto tokens and coins with many unique qualities. I felt it is very useful to our members to post about different new crypto tokens and coins.

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