A simple "tip" for Publish0x authors to increase the number of tips received on your posts

If you are an infrequent author on Publish0x (a few articles per week), here's a simple "tip" on how to increase the number of tips you can receive on your posts. I follow a number of authors who post infrequently and I've noticed some post in a way that's suboptimal for receiving tips. If they have a two articles to post they will post one immediately after the other. So why is this a problem? Because Publish0x limits how often you can tip a particular author.

The result is I will read and tip the author's first article, then, after reading the second article, I'll see that I have to wait a certain amount of time to tip it. By the time I'm allowed to tip the second article I've already used up all my tips for the day on other authors, so the second article doesn't get a tip from me.

After reading through articles by author's I follow, I'll scroll through the "Latest Posts" feed to find interesting things to read. I often see the same mistake by some authors here too. Now granted some of these authors probably regularly post 2 articles per day, so they can't hold one until tomorrow. Also, I'm sure not everybody reads Publish0x the way I do. However, if you can increase your potential for tips with no inconvenience to you, wouldn't you do it?

So my "tip" to you, is that if on average you post less than 2 articles per day, just keep that second article in draft until the next day, then post it. That way you won't be limiting your opportunities to receive tips. Of course, if the article is on a particularly timely topic where waiting to post would make it out of date, then go ahead and post it. But otherwise it would be better to wait.

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