Mainstream adoption: $MATIC, Torus Labs and mobile dAPP games

Mainstream adoption: $MATIC, Torus Labs and mobile dAPP games

By BUIDLsatoshis | Valorem Universali | 26 May 2020

Greeting dear readers!

In this article, I will try and demonstrate to you as to why I strongly believe that mainstream adoption to blockchain technology and the crypto ecosystem will be achieved through mobile dAPP games, why the whole gaming industry is shifting from “Pay 2 Play” model to “Play 2 Earn” model and why $MATIC partnering with Torus Labs is just the perfect catalyzer to fuel this goal that every player in the industry is trying to achieve.


Quick mobile games market recap and projections;

  • As of 2021, it is expected that there will be a total of 3.8 billion people with smartphones in the world.
  • The estimated number of gamers including all mediums (PC, consoles, mobiles, etc.) as of 2020 is about 2.8 billion users.
  • It is projected that the total global games market will generate 159 billion $USD, an increase of 9.3% since 2019. Projections point toward a total market capitalization of 200 billion $USD by 2023.

In addition to this, the current state of the world, with the COVID-19 lockdown, has rocket-fueled the gaming industry. Let us be honest, a lot of people that are/were on lockdown spent an increased amount of time playing video games and, on their mobiles, PC and consoles.

Few big industry players developing games on web 3.0 right now;

  • Square Enix
  • Atari
  • OPskins
  • Ubisoft
  • AMD

Blockchain game alliance full member list;


What makes web 3.0 dAPP games so attractive?

For many years now, the whole gaming industry has shifted from pay to play, to freemium, to now play to earn model.

This “Play to Earn” model is enforced with every single item from a dapp game being ERC721 NFT and completely based on a free market economy model. Players, instead of being restricted by the game studio “Term of service agreement” are encouraged to trade their items in a peer to peer fashion, inside and/or outside the game boundaries.

This is literally a gamer's dream come true, giving them the ability to MONETIZE THEIR GAME TIME.


Now that I made my case on mobile dapp games, the potential userbase and the Play 2 Earn model here comes the bomb our ecosystem BADLY NEEDED:


Why I believe in mobile dapp games to be the missiles that are going to break the barrier of entry to web 3.0; which is easy connectivity/interacting monetarily with the ecosystem; one startup, 2 words. First:

Torus Labs

They have been working on OAUTH ease of use connectivity to web 3.0 with 1-click-login using Google and Facebook credentials! How incredible is that?!

For me that computes in the aforementioned number of potential users flooding the web 3.0 dapp ecosystem, and more precisely the mobile gaming dapp industry.

Industry giants have been contacting them in order to integrate their tech realizing the potential implication it could have to our ecosystem. None other than Binance, Ethereum Name Service (ENS), Etherscan, Matic Network, Ontology, Skale, Tendermint Core, and Zilliqa.




Ease of accessibility to the web 3.0 ecosystem through 1-click-login… but… ALSO! Connecting with either Facebook or Google means you can also monetarily interact with web 3.0 through Google pay, the same as you would do if you wanted to buy X item in Y mobile game.



Matic Network

Although there was a bit of controversy regarding supply and market manipulation following their IEO, I believe they have done a great job in a short time frame to deliver an ecosystem perfectly fit to support the great flood gate of mobile dapp games and users that will dive into web 3.0 as soon as the end of 2020. The scalability enabled by their network will be the foundation for game studios to build on, and subconsciously be re-assured by the enormous amount of support that Matic Network has by industry giants that will contribute to their success as they have at least ONE SIMILAR GOAL: Mainstream adoption.



  • #Maticnetwork and #TorusLabs are the much-needed #catalyzer that will spark a snowball effect of users and game studios flooding the ecosystem of #mobile #dapp #games built on web 3.0.
  • #Play2Earn model will supplant Pay to Play in a relatively short time frame.
  • #Maticnetwork with its strong: Team, vision, model, technology, and key industry giants support will surely be one of the frontrunners in this race for market shares dominance. WHY? Because of all these factors they will literally become a MAGNET attracting the most promising projects.


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Vires in Numeris. #Bitcoin




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