Blue elegance

By valo | Valo | 29 Jul 2022

I am fascinated by marine life. Jellyfish are primal creatures, yet their elegance is impressive. Their movements are fluid, graceful – almost hypnotic to observe… Jellyfish actually consist of 95% water! Because of that, they rely on constant salinity. Putting a jellyfish in sweet water (e.g., lake water) will kill it since salt from inside the cells of the jellyfish will flow out. They might appear as "jelly" but they are certainly not fish. Instead, they are more closely related to corals and sea anemones.

There is something beautiful about highly symmetrical objects, and they are no exceptions. The aquarium where this beauty was floating had LED lights changing their colour, all the way from red to what was supposed to be violet, though it looked more pinkish purple. I wanted to capture this deep sky blue shade and had to shoot many times, but I managed in the end.


An elegant blue jellyfish (Author's work).



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