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AI mushrooms

By valo | Valo | 21 Feb 2023

There aren't really good mushroom photography opportunities outside, so I asked the AI in starryai to create some pictures. I'm really happy with how the results turned out.

My favourite would be this first one with the huge cap and the cute small mushrooms around it. The log they grow on is slightly weirdly shaped, but the colours are really pleasing to my eyes.


I like the size of these two twins. I wish in reality there were such huge mushrooms.


And two relatives of the twins.


The next choice of the AI is quite interesting - it put spots also at the base of the stalk. Sure, that can't exist in nature but it looks nice in an artwork.


These next ones look maybe a bit too much like 3D rendering. Anyway, I like the spots that it made. Not all toadstools are red with white spots. Why not be rebellious and take it the other way around?


The next picture looks quite peaceful. It's a close contender for being my favourite of this series. Again, the mushrooms are unnaturally big but I like them as they are.


This picture turned out atmospheric and again peaceful with the boat in the lake.


Then I decided to change the colour of the mushrooms and I asked for a blue toadstool. I don't know if there are blue mushrooms in nature, so I thought I should try how they would look like.



What do you think about the results?



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