While we are sitting at home, we will earn some bitcoins.

While we are sitting at home, we will earn some bitcoins.

By valio | valio | 29 Mar 2020


Welcome to all fans of easy earning bitcoins!

I present you a site where you can earn from 0.0002 to 0.010 BTC

You can choose from four types of earnings:

1) Facebook Share.
2) Twitter Retweet .
3) Original Article.
4) Video on YouTube channel.

After you choose a way to earn money, you will need to submit an application,
wait for approval (a notification will be sent to your email),and then start completing the task. After completion, you send the results of the work, according to the requirements of the task.

I will briefly tell you about the tasks and how much you can get rewards.

The biggest reward you can get is creating a video on your YouTube channel.
If you have your own YouTube channel with more than 100 subscribers, then you have a chance to get a reward from 0.002 to 0.010 BTC, depending on the quality of how you design and present this site.
The video must be original, created by you personally.

The second way to get a reward.
If you know how to write correctly and present beautifully, then this method is just for you!
The article must be original and written by you personally, in this type of task, you have a chance to get a reward from 0.0008 to 0.00350 BTC, depending on the quality of the article.

Finally, there are two types of tasks that are simpler - retweet on Twitter and share on Facebook, here the reward payment is one-0.0003 BTC. If you have more than 300 followers on Facebook or Twitter, then this task is for you!

Join the site http://www.Refercoins.com, registration is quite simple and will not take you long.
After completing the registration form, you will receive an email with a link to activate your account.
After activation, go to the bounty campaign section and select any task that suits you.
You should not have any difficulties with completing tasks, since each task is given a detailed description of how to complete it, follow the instructions, complete the task to the end, send it for verification, and if you did everything correctly-wait for a reward to your BTC wallet!
The reward is credited to your internal BTC wallet, after which you can withdraw bitcoins with a 10% Commission.

At the end of this article, I would like to clarify one more important point, namely:
there is exactly one month left before the end of the bounty campaign (the end of the bounty 04-30-2020), but this time is quite enough for newparticipants to have time to receive remuneration. Well, the most important thing in my opinion is that the number of tasks is limited, so I advise you to join the site http://www.Refercoins.com as soon as possible!

I wish all participants good health, easy earnings and a lot of money. Don't get sick, take care of yourself!
The COVID-19 will go away, and we will stay at home and earn money together!

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