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What sets Valiant NFTs apart from the rest? While you can go about building a project many different ways, there are a few things Valiant has done that I think helps. If you've never heard of Valiant Comics, you can check out their website here, Valiant has started, from the ground up, an awesome community dedicated to their brand.

When I'm looking for projects to invest in, I look for a team behind it, a home base - a self assurance that I'm not just trusting random people on the internet. And mind you, not all random people on the internet are bad, but with Valiant you get so much more than some random NFT project. You not only have a trusted team of people, but proof that they have done it before and are willing to do it again.

There’s one thing I know when it comes to not only NFTs, but comic books as well, and that’s the fact that they have extremely dedicated fan bases.

The Valiant team has done an excellent job with this as well, not only keeping people updated with little hints and leaks on their Discord group, but also continuous stages on Twitter talking with the community, AMAs and more. Chances are if you have a question, there will be someone directly from the team there to answer it themselves. If you're interested in seeing what the team, or the community is up to, you can join their Discord group through their website here,

Before purchasing the Season 1 Mint Pass, I have previously only owned cryptomonKeys and a few other freely distributed NFTs like the WAX airdrop. I had never spent money on an NFT up until this point, but the simple fact is, Valiant has done an excellent job at building a community and continuously rewarding those who have stuck with them.

I not only look forward to what Valiant has in store, but all the contests, trivia, artwork and more. I even made a drawing for their cryptomonKey-Valiant collaboration and I haven’t drawn in years, and never could!

Valiant cryptomonKey submission

In my opinion, nothing makes a project like it’s community and I’m happy to say I’m proud to be a part of this one.

If you didn't see my previous post about the Valiants' Season 1 Genesis Mint Pass, you can check that out here, I plan on doing more write-ups about Valiant in the future, including their new Punk Mambo NFT being released on February 20th, so keep an eye out for all the exciting things Valiant has in store!

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Valiant NFTs
Valiant NFTs

Writing about the Valiant Comics series of NFTs. The Valiant Universe Season 1 Genesis Mint Pass was my first purchased NFT, and I have been enjoying the project and community along with it.

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