Heading out (5 minute freewrite)

By uthus2000 | uthus2000 | 1 Aug 2020

The grizzled old sergeant rode off in the sunset.

His snot-nosed lieutenant had accused him of atrocities in the field. But everyone else knew better.

The lieutenant was trying to make a name for himself with the brass. He had just picked the wrong NCO to pin a false charge on. The men beat him to near death that night after the hearing.

The sergeant had taken it all in stride but in the end decided to resign his position. Thankfully he had been enlisted long enough that was an option.

What to do now? Where to go? He never been to the Rockies. Perhaps life would be better there.

Yes. He had been charged. He had also been exonerated.




Image by Yuri_B

5 minute freewrite. Prompt: charged

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