A Small Town

By uthus2000 | uthus2000 | 9 Jul 2019

Most evenings Gammy and I sit out on or front porch watching the shadows grow long from the sun setting behind our house. 

Gammy makes some concoction of rosemary, lemon grass, tea tree oil and kakui nut oil to ward off the mosquitoes. It's a pleasant smell. 

Squirrels are chuffing. The cicadas are whirring. You can hear kids playing in a back yard somewhere down the street. 

As darkness falls, fireflies come out. Hovering here then over there they flash their lonely, lovesick message. 

When the night hawks start flying we retire inside for the night. 

This is why I love a small town. 

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I'm a beekeeper electrician in a great small town in a terrible state.


Small town life and observations in the mid-west.

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