Driving The Market-USDs

Driving The Market-USDs

Colliding all day and still able to succeed. Is it the news, market makers, or traders? Are they contributing in a significant way, or is it the state itself?


USDs have been dominating ever since its prime time and are still on the rise as we speak. Although it is expected to remain constant in the market from today until two days after. As mentioned above, it becomes constant on the market on weekends. However, there are still exchanges in person, hand to hand, etc.

The fact is that USDs, or any coin for that matter, will not rest as they continue to circulate. Crime, sex work, and sugar daddies are the main sources for the money's circulation. Nowadays, even some girls are being paid with bitcoins after working or being a lady for the night. It's sad and alarming what currencies like the USDs can be used for or do.

How Can You Love It But Still Dont Know Where It Came From?

You should ask yourself questions like where did this certain thing come from, why did it come, and how did it come? These are types of questions you can ask yourself. Most girls don't know.

  •  What is currency?
  • What are the abbreviations for USD/ZAR?
  • In 2001, how much was a dollar worth in Rands?
  • Why was this implemented
  • The story behind the scenes.

Once they ask these questions, they'll know how to make their own.

Thanks for taking your precious time to read the article that educated you.

Disclaimer:I'm not a financial advisor and this is just my personal analysis, it is not be construed as any kind of investment advice. Please conduct your own due diligence.




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