Currency Over Everything?

Currency Over Everything 

ZAR, GBP, EUR, and the Metical from Mozambique drive the medulla insane. What happens when you run out of funds? That question is for everyone on earth, and it's funny how I haven't even answered it. But you know what they say? Money is the root of all evil, so it's clear that it controls your hormones, yourself, and every part of you.


Do you know what currency is? According to the Oxford Dictionary on the internet, it is a system of money that is generally used in a particular country. Now, let's start by defining "RANDS.
I find it funny that I chose rands because I am South African and a patriot. So, what is a Rand? It is the basic monetary unit of South Africa, equal to 100 cents.

There is often confusion over whether we say "rands" or "rand". Well, the plural form of rand is rands. In South Africa, if I exchange one dollar for R18.36, I can buy myself a white bread and maybe a brown loaf of bread for R16, with a return of 36 cents and no plastic bag to put the loaf in."I wonder how much is it in US .Just curious ..

Where are we heading? Hunger. It lies in the hands of the players. It's more of "the ball is in your court". Now, people are making money trying to secure every cent they can gain because job opportunities are scarce.

People will end up eating each other. They've turned to selling their own blood for cash, risking their lives by selling drugs or prostitution. I know I mentioned currency, but where am I heading? Everything revolves around money. To obtain anything, you need money. To sell anything, you need money.
We have to gain and think ,for your circle and the world because you aren't here alone .The intellectual asks, "Where is it from?" because it is causing a scene in broad daylight at every place.

Is bitcoin a currency?Could it be one?..
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Disclaimer:I'm not a financial advisor and this is just my personal analysis, it is not be construed as any kind of investment advice. Please conduct your own due diligence.

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