By LuxFerre | Urban Poetry | 23 Jul 2022





You fill me with anticipation, like the end of Winter.

You make me look forward to the budding trees of Spring.

You make me hot and bothered like the heat from the Summer.

And just like Autumn you make me look forward to what the new year will bring.


You cleanse me for a new start just like how the Winter does

You make me feel born again just like what Spring does.

You burn away my doubt with the Summer Sun

And fill my life with color as if Fall begun. 



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Poet, song writer, novelist. I value family and spirit more than most worldly possessions. Feel free to search me up! -Saleh Mo

Urban Poetry
Urban Poetry

Hi! Welcome to my collection of poems! I am Saleh Mo, a young urban poet who uses poetry to express the inner most parts of myself. As an expressive being I have goals to connect with others on a metaphysical level and strum the heartstrings of my fellow people. I use poetry as a medium to achieve those goals!

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