What's happening with the "New" Posts on PUBLISH0X Platform!!!

What's happening with the "New" Posts on PUBLISH0X Platform!!!

I am really concerned about this new "algho" that is choosing posts to put them up and in evidence on the "New" section Articles, it's unclear and non transparent how the new algorithm is calculating which articles must be on Top of the site.

Since the beginning of the week I have been trying to understand that behaviour and until now, the unique thing that I realized is That I lost almost more than 1000 views because of it, for a rough daily views of at least 500 to 1000 views on my Posts now I am getting less than 50😱 that can easily be checked on my Profile... The views are Gone!

I am worried as Publish0x Platform has been one of my Favorite web Publishers platform that until now was fair and transparent but seems that is becoming more dubious!

Its necessary to clarify the users what are the new manners to classify a Post and when it may be on Top to be seen on the site, as this way things has been done, it's completely wrong.

The new Algho is benefiting some of the users from Publish0x Platform that are staying there almost an hour, receiving Tips and views, when the rest are not even get rewarded for the Time spent on the new Articles!

Let's be Fair with the Ecosystem or start selling Boost space in here and I will be Glad to pay for the Boost of my Posts...let's be Honest and Transparent here, and help the platform to be more reliable in the ecosystem!

Best wishes to the Team!

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