Whale_alert: 137 ETH ($27,164) stolen from Upbit exchange transfered to Binance.

Whale_alert: 137 ETH ($27,164) stolen from Upbit exchange transfered to Binance.

 The transfer just happened and flagged by Twitter whale_alert also commented by CZ that promised that the exchange is working to "freeze the funds" ​​​​as he already told when the hack occurred last year. 

Just to remember, the UpBit exchange happened last year and the hackers steal almost $50 million worth on ETH assets, the case still on investigations and there are "voices" that says that the event was an internal Job! The hack closed the 2019 in terms of stolen funds in exchanges and crypto voices joined forces to follow the case and try to freeze the funds once they transfer to exchanges.

ChangPeng Zhao "CZ" from Binance expressed his total support since the beginning and said he will "freeze the funds" once they try to transfer them to binance, and try just did it today and With immediate response from Binance CEO when alerted from whale_alert account on Twitter.

It seems this hackers are trying the luck to exchange the Ethereum and try to dump on market, well done from CZ!

UpdateCZ responded in Twitter and they will freeze the Funds and together with UPbit work with authorities to track the criminals.

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