Uptrennd Branch For Africa: Announcement and Trivia.

Uptrennd Branch For Africa: Announcement and Trivia.

Uptrennd Platform growth is amazing and with only 11 months ,with 177 different Countries no ICO, no funding and Marketing, the members reached 50000 only in that period.


Uptrennd is dedicated to share wealth and opportunity for anyone, protect your data and Free speech.

And all the house  that grown up its necessary to expand ,and now we have the Telegram channel group dedicated to Africa The Uptrennd Africa.


The Group is dedicated to all African community, supporters of Africa and anyone who feel touched by the initiative and will connect Uptrennd with the  Crypto based projects in Africa.

Join here: https://t.me/uptrenndafrica

And to celebrate this will be running a Trivia on the Group at 8:00 p.m [Johannesburg time] come... Let's have Fun!


Africa is the Future of Cryptocurrency.

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Uptrennd platform by Alberto Dionisio
Uptrennd platform by Alberto Dionisio

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