Twitter Co-Founder backup a Bitcoin Banking App.

Twitter Co-Founder backup a Bitcoin Banking App.

Christopher Issac well known as, "Biz" Stone, invested in a Bitcoin Banking App, that will let users purchase BTC with their bank accounts.

To register in the  Bitcoin Banking App, as per Firm announcement, the user won't take too much time to register also happening with the KYC policy that only takes few minutes to complete and after it, the potential customer will be able to purchase and trade Bitcoin.

The App, dubbed Mode Banking, will allow users to buy from $65 in BTC to large amounts and store them in BitGo, a custodian service that will be responsable to hold the customers assets.

The Mode Bitcoin Banking App supports the Faster Payments Scheme (FPS), that will facilitate the easiest purchase and withdrawals for UK customers.

Noting also that the Mode startup is based in UK, London and is not surprising to see that they already accept the FPS services.

"Biz" Stone that is Co-Founder of Twitter and Medium is sharing the same "dreams" with another founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, as he also is leading The Cash App, an App that allow users also to purchase BTC.

The news comes after Jack Dorsey announced in a tweet that now it's possible to use a special emoji of Bitcoin in the tweets, giving more exposure to the asset in the short and instant messenger Platform that connects the world!

Case to say, Bitcoin is gaining traction and more influent people will be involved with the asset.

BTC Is the future of money!


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